ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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5.1.1 Contents of the ACATS Delivery

The delivery consists of 1 ZIP archive (set of compressed files) or 1 compressed tar file. Each ZIP archive or compressed tar file contains compressed versions of ACATS software (test, foundation, and/or support code) structured into a directory tree. Files must be extracted from the archives. The archive contents is described later in this section.
Usually, some test errors will be noted in the test suite. If possible, the ACAA will correct the errors and issue a corrected test. If a correction is not possible, the test will be withdrawn. Withdrawn tests are not used in conformity assessments. For a period after the issuance of a corrected test, either the original or the corrected test can be used for conformity assessment. See the ACAA's procedures [Pro31] for details.
The ACAA also will issue new tests periodically. As with modified tests, new tests must be available for a period of time before they are required in conformity assessments.
These changes to the issued ACATS are documented in the ACATS Modification List (AML). This list includes a list of all new tests, all modified tests, and all withdrawn tests, and an indication as to when each will be (or is) required for conformity assessments. Each version of the modification list is given a suffix letter. A ZIP archive and tar file containing the new and/or modified tests is available. The files are named MOD_4_1x, where 'x' represents the suffix letter for the AML version.
These files can be found on the ACAA's web site:
The AML is also distributed by e-mail. To receive these lists, join the ACAA mailing list. To do so, simply send a message to
with a body of 
Join Acaa

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