ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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4.3 Naming Convention

This section describes the naming conventions used in ACATS 4.1, specifically as they apply to files. All file names are of the form <name>.<type>, where <type> is a one, two, or three character extension. File names indicate test class, compilation order (if applicable), and whether the test is implementation dependent or requires customization. When a test is included in a single file, <name> duplicates the test name. The same is true of a foundation. In multiple file tests, the first 7 characters of the file <name> are normally the same as the name of the test, however in some cases, the structure of the test requires that the file name be different from the Ada unit. The application of the conventions to tests is straightforward.
There are two different but similar naming conventions used in ACATS 4.1 Legacy tests use the naming conventions of early ACVC versions. Tests new since ACVC 1.12 use the modern convention. The conventions are consistently distinguishable at the 7th character of the name: legacy names have a letter in the 7th position, whereas newer (modern) names have a digit.

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