ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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4.2.5 Class E

Class E tests check for constructs that may require inspection to verify. They have special grading criteria that are stated within the test source. They are generally expected to compile, bind and execute successfully, but some implementations may report errors at compile time for some tests. The "TENTATIVELY PASSED" message indicates special conditions that must be checked to determine whether the test is passed.
An implementation passes a class E test if it reports "TENTATIVELY PASSED", and the special conditions noted in the test are satisfied. It also passes if there is a compile time error reported that satisfies the special conditions. Class E tests fail if the grading criteria in the test source are not satisfied, or if they fail to complete execution (hang or crash), if the reported result is "FAILED", or if they do not produce a complete output report.
Only legacy tests are included in this class.

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