ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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4.2.4 Class D

Class D tests check that implementations perform exact arithmetic on large literal numbers. These tests are expected to compile, bind, execute and report "PASSED". Each test reports "PASSED" or "FAILED" based on the conditions tested. Some implementations may report errors at compile time for some of them, if the literal numbers exceed compiler limits.
An implementation passes a class D test if it compiles, binds, executes, and reports "PASSED". It passes if the compiler issues an appropriate error message because a capacity limit has been exceeded. It fails if does not report "PASSED" unless a capacity limits is exceeded. It fails if it does not successfully compile (subject to the above caveat) or bind, if it fails to complete execution (hangs or crashes), if the reported result is "FAILED", or if it does not produce an output report or only partially produces one.
Only legacy tests are included in this class.

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