ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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4.2.3 Class C

Class C tests check that executable constructs are implemented correctly and produce expected results. These tests are expected to compile, bind, execute and report "PASSED" or "NOT-APPLICABLE". Each class C test reports "PASSED", "NOT-APPLICABLE", or "FAILED" based on the results of the conditions tested.
An implementation passes a class C test if it compiles, binds, executes, and reports "PASSED". It fails if it does not successfully compile or bind, if it fails to complete execution (hangs or crashes), if the reported result is "FAILED", or if it does not produce a complete output report.
The tests CZ1101A, CZ1102A, CZ1103A, and CZ00004 are treated separately, as described in Section 5.3.2.

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