ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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4.1.6 Foreign Language Code

Several tests for Annex B features (and one Clause 13 test) include files containing non-Ada code (Fortran, C, Cobol). These tests must be compiled, bound, and run by implementations that support foreign language interfaces to the respective non-Ada language. The foreign language code uses only the most basic language semantics and should be compilable by all Fortran, C, and Cobol compilers, respectively. In cases where a foreign language does not accept the code as provided, modifications are allowable. See Section 5.2.5.
Files that contain foreign code are identified by a special file extension. See Section 4.3.2.
The tests that include Fortran code are: CXB5004 and CXB5005
The tests that include C code are: CD30005, CXB3004, CXB3006, CXB3013, CXB3017, CXB3018, CXB3023, and CXB3024
The test that includes Cobol code is: CXB4009

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