ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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4.1.5 Special Core Tests

This section identifies tests that appear in the Core (since their requirements are enunciated there) but that may be graded as non-supported for implementations not claiming support of certain Specialized Needs Annexes.
Annex C Requirements
Clause 13 of the Ada Standard includes implementation advice paragraphs include the words "recommended level of support". The ACATS does not require implementations to conform to those paragraphs unless they claim support for Annex C, Systems Programming (because of C.2(2): "The implementation shall support at least the functionality defined by the recommended levels of support in Clause 13.")
Tests that check conformance to the implementation advice are listed below:
Implementations that claim support for Annex C are required to process and pass the tests listed above.
Implementations that do not claim support for Annex C are still required to process these tests. Such implementations may reject the lines marked with the special comment -- ANX-C RQMT, in which case the test will be graded as "unsupported". If an implementation accepts such lines in one of these tests, then the test must be bound (linked) and executed, with a passed or not_applicable result.

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