ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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4.1.3 Legacy Tests

Legacy tests are tests that were included in ACVC 1.12 that have been incorporated into later ACVC and ACATS versions. These tests check only language features that are common to all versions of Ada. The vast majority of these tests came unmodified from the ACVC 1.12 suite. Some tests were modified to check for the correct implementation of Ada rules in cases where language rules changed from [Ada83].
Unlike more modern tests, legacy tests use an ALL CAPITALS programming style which is unusual and hard to read (4.5). They also use the naming conventions of early ACVC versions (see 4.3.1). Modern tests (those created for the ACATS more recently than ACVC 1.12) use a more typical Mixed Case programming style (see 4.5 and use a more flexible naming scheme (see 4.3.2).

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