ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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4.1.1 Physical Organization

The preceeding table summarizes the number of files that compose ACATS 4.1. In addition to files containing test code proper, the ACATS 4.1 test suite includes various support files.
Note that the number of files containing test code is larger than the number of tests in the ACATS suite because some tests use code included in separate files.
A file name consists of a name plus an extension. Multiple files that contain code used by a single test have related names. File names are the same as that of the test contained in the file when possible. File names conform to MS-DOS naming conventions; therefore they may be shorter than the software name because of file name length restrictions (e.g., enumchek rather than enumcheck). File (and test) names follow conventions that indicate their function in the test suite; naming conventions are explained in Section 4.3. The files are organized into distinct directories and subdirectories based on their function in the test suite. The directory organization is explained in Section 4.7.
The ACATS is available to the general public from an ACAL or on the Internet. Links to the ACATS distribution can be found on the ACAA's ACATS page:
Note that the ACATS files are available in both compressed Unix tar and DOS zipped formats. Section 5.1.2 provides a discussion of techniques to convert these files to a usable format.

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