ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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Section 2: Changes for ACATS 4.1

Version 4.1 of the ACATS updates version 4.0 with additional tests for features defined in [Ada2012]. It includes 134 new tests to check features including type invariants, subtype predicates, extended return statements, new iterator forms, array aggregates, generalized indexing, conditional expressions, aspect specifications, unchecked unions, Ada.Directories, Ada.Generic_Dispatching_Constructor, Ada.Environment_Variables, Ada.Text_IO.Bounded_IO and Unbounded_IO, and Ada.Containers.
In addition, 16 additional tests were corrected or removed to reflect changes in Ada made by [Ada2012], as well as in response to test disputes and ARG issue resolutions.
Finally, ACATS 4.1 introduces a tool to simplify and mostly automate test grading (see 6, “ACATS Grading using the Grading Tool”). This tool and a supporting tool are provided in 6 Ada source files.
See Annex A, “Version Description” for lists of added, deleted and modified tests, documentation, and support files.

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