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C.1 Sample Output From CZ0004

The following is the output from an execution of CZ0004 with a specific implementation. Note that it contains failure messages (indicated by '*') that are expected, as is the final FAILED report. Note also that certain report lines depend on the customization of the ImpDef package, and will vary with the implementation.
,.,. CZ00004 ACATS 3.1 14-01-23 14:46:13
---- CZ00004 Check that Impdef values have been supplied for the special
                needs annexes. Check that the routines in TCTouch work
   - CZ00004 TCTouch ACATS 3.1.
   * CZ00004 Assertion failed: Assertion Failed is expected.
   * CZ00004 Assertion failed: Assertion Failed is expected.
   * CZ00004 z should not equal Z Expecting: z Got: Z.
   - CZ00004 Three failure messages should have occurred so far.
   * CZ00004 Trace Overflow:
   - CZ00004 A Trace Overflow message should have just occurred.
   - CZ00004 <><><><><> ANNEX VALIDATION STATUS <><><><><>.
   + CZ00004 Annex C validation: Annex C not supported.
   + CZ00004 Annex D validation: Annex D not supported.
   + CZ00004 Annex E validation: Annex E not supported.
   + CZ00004 Annex F validation: Annex F not supported.
   + CZ00004 Annex G validation: Annex G not supported.
   + CZ00004 Annex H validation: Annex H not supported.
   - CZ00004 <><><><><> IMPDEF <><><><><>.
   - CZ00004 Validating_Annex_C : FALSE.
   - CZ00004 Validating_Annex_D : FALSE.
   - CZ00004 Validating_Annex_E : FALSE.
   - CZ00004 Validating_Annex_F : FALSE.
   - CZ00004 Validating_Annex_G : FALSE.
   - CZ00004 Validating_Annex_H : FALSE.
   - CZ00004 Minimum_Task_Switch:           0.100000000
   - CZ00004 Switch_To_New_Task:           1.000000000
   - CZ00004 Clear_Ready_Queue:           5.000000000
   - CZ00004 Delay_For_Time_Past:           0.100000000
   - CZ00004 Time_Dependent_Reset:           0.300000000
   - CZ00004 Delay_Per_Random_Test:           1.000000000
   - CZ00004 Exceed_Time_Slice.
   - CZ00004 Non_State_String: By No Means A State.
   - CZ00004 External_Tag_Value: implementation_defined.
   - CZ00004 CD30005_1_Foreign_Address: present.
   - CZ00004 CD30005_1_External_Name: CD30005_1.
   - CZ00004 Max_Default_Alignment:  1.
   - CZ00004 Max_Linker_Alignment:  1.
   - CZ00004 CXB30130_External_Name: CXB30130.
   - CZ00004 CXB30131_External_Name: CXB30131.
**** CZ00004 FAILED ****************************.

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