ACATS 3.1 User's Guide
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5.5.3 Bundling Test Programs

In some situations, the usual test processing sequence may require an unacceptable amount of time. For example, running tests on an embedded target may impose significant overhead time to download individual tests. In these cases, executable tests may be bundled into aggregates of multiple tests. A set of bundled tests will have a driver that calls each test in turn; ACATS tests will then be called procedures rather than main procedures. No source changes in the tests are allowed when bundling; that is, the only allowed change is the method of calling the test. Note that not all tests are designed to allow bundling; it is the responsibility of the ACATS user to ensure that bundled tests execute properly when bundled.
All bundles must be approved by the ACAL (and, if necessary, the ACAA) to qualify for a conformity assessment. It is the responsibility of the user to identify the tests to be bundled and to write a driver for them.

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