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3.2.1 Coverage Documents

ACVC 2.0 originated coverage documentation for what is now the ACATS. That coverage document mapped tests to paragraph numbers in the [Ada95] Standard. Over time, a number of deficiencies in that approach have been identified: 
Where a paragraph contains multiple rules, it is not possible to tell if all of the rules are tested. Indeed, a number of instances where important rules were untested have been identified.
Since there is not an indication of the type of rule represented by a paragraph, it is not obvious whether the rule is appropriately tested. For instance, a Legality Rule tested only with C-Tests is not appropriately tested (see 3.2.3 for more on this topic).
Rules not modified in [Ada95] were not considered. However, sometimes additional test objectives are needed for existing rules because of other changes to the language. Moreover, there is no determination of whether the legacy tests adequately tested the original rule. 
For these reasons, the development of new and much more detailed coverage documentation was initiated for ACATS 3.0. The new documentation considers each sentence of the standard individually if necessary, listing the test objectives for each sentence, and documenting why no objectives are needed if none are provided.
It also lists tests for each objective (including Legacy tests), testing priorities for untested objectives, notes on each objective (including any untested cases), and any additional notes needed.
There is also a summary document that summarizes totals for important metrics for the coverage documents as a whole.
These documents are provided in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).
For ACATS 3.1, the following clauses of the Ada Standards are included in the new coverage documents: 
3.9.3 through 3.10.1
4.1.3 through 4.4
6.5 through 6.7
7.4 through 7.6.1
8.3.1 through 8.5.3
Section 10 (10 through 10.2.1)
These clauses were selected because of their importance in rule changes in [Amend1].
The original coverage document is also included with the ACATS for those portions of the Ada Standards that have not yet had new coverage documents constructed. This document is of primary use for features of [Ada95], as it does not cover Legacy tests nor any features added or modified by [Amend1]. As noted above, it is being replaced, so it will disappear completely in a future version of the ACATS.

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