ACATS Test Modification List

Version 2.6A
April 2, 2007

Changes from the last list:

This is the first list for ACATS 2.6. As with ACATS 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5 before it, this is simply a “roll-up” of tests modified before January 1, 2007 and new tests added before October 1, 2006; the same tests would be required today (April 2, 2007) whether or not it was issued. The main advantage of new ACATS versions is that the documentation is updated to reflect changes since the last roll-up. All of these tests (now included in ACATS 2.6) have been removed from the modification list, so it is much shorter than the previous version.

It has been reported that there are a number of tests (roughly 25) that return limited objects that are incompatible with Ada 2005. (Specifically, 6.5(5.5/2). Ada 95 allows only cases that are illegal in Ada 2005, so it is impossible to fix these tests so that they will be compatible with both versions of Ada. As such, they will not be fixed in this version of the test suite (which is primarily targeted to Ada 95); they should be fixed in the first Ada 2005 version of the test suite (expected in the 2nd quarter 2007). Please contact the agent (see below) if you need the list of affected tests (note that the ACAA has not confirmed that these tests are incompatible, thus we're not publishing the list here).

No further new tests are expected for version 2 of the ACATS test suite (future development will be done on the Ada 2005 version, which will be version 3.0 of the ACATS test suite). New tests inserted (or corrected) between January 1, 2007 and April 1, 2007 will become required for conformity assessments on October 1, 2007. New tests added to the ACATS before October 1, 2006 are now required for conformity assessments. The effective dates of tests are marked in the lists.

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List explanation:

Test numbers given are for the basic test. Categories are "Withdrawn" (the test should not be processed for Ada conformity assessments); "Allowed Modification" (either the original test or the modified one should be processed for Ada conformity assessments); "Modified" (the modified test must be processed for Ada conformity assessments); "Pending New" (the test does not need to be processed for Ada conformity assessments, but will be added in the future); "New" (the test is processed for Ada conformity assessments).

ACATS version labels are provided with all new and modified tests. Use this label to retrieve the test from the ACATS VCS. See "How to get new and modified tests".

In citations, line numbers are given relative to the start of a test file in the format of '@<line#,line#,...>'; if a test program comprises more than one file, then the particular file will be indicated by "fn", where "n" is the test-program name's file-designator numeral. E.g., "B38103E : @f1-31, ... " denotes test file b38103e1.ada. In cases where there are two or more rationales for different errors in a test program, these different rationales with their respective line citations are listed on separate lines. References to the Ada 83 & Ada 95 standards are given in the format:
These references are to the Ada 95 standard unless "Ada83" is specified.


Main list:

===== Core Language =====

Name     Category  Version label  (effective date; old version label)
         Short description.

C460013 [Pending New] New VCS Label: A2_5P
                      Required after 2007-10-01
        Check that null excluding subtypes do not allow null values:
        access parameters. Includes a check for the not null syntax
        as required in Ada 95 by AI-447.

CXAC005 [Allowed Modification] New VCS Label: A2_5P Org VCS Label: A2_5
                       Required after 2007-07-01
        The function @114-7 may raise Program_Error for some
        implementations of Stream_IO.File_Type.

===== Annex C =====


===== Annex D =====


===== Annex E =====

CXD8002 [Allowed Modification] New VCS Label: A2_5P Org VCS Label: A2_5
                       Required after 2007-07-01
        Package Ada.Finalization @140 is not a "normal" package.

===== Annex F =====


===== Annex G =====


===== Annex H =====



How to get new and modified tests:

The official home of the ACATS test suite is the ACAA web site. The site can be accessed from the Compilers and Conformance section of the Ada IC web site ( It also can be accessed directly at

The complete set of official new and modified tests are available in the Mod_2_6A Zip and Tar files on the ACAA web site.

Individual new and modified tests can be retrieved from the ACATS VCS. Simply navigate to the appropriate directory (folder), and select the test you want. Select the revision you want (usually the most recent) and it will be retrieved for you. Tests are stored in directories that correspond to the test's prefix. For instance, the test CD92001.A will be found in the CD directory. You can also browse the differences between versions of a test. [In case of a conflict, the files in the ACATS VCS should be considered the 'official' versions.]

If you cannot get the files from the official site or you cannot get the files in a format appropriate for your processor, please contact your ACAL.

The baseline ACATS 2.6 is available in various formats on the ACAA web site.


Summary lists:

Withdrawn Tests

(Refer to the main list for details)


Allowed Modification Tests

(Refer to the main list for details)

CXAC005   2007-07-01
BXE2009   2007-07-01

Modified Tests

(Refer to the main list for details)


New Tests

(Refer to the main list for details)


Pending New Tests

(Refer to the main list for details)

C460013   2007-10-01