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The Ada Conformity Assessment Authority is responsible for the management of Ada Conformity Assessments (previously known as "validations"). Ada language processors are tested by third-party test laboratories to verify their conformity to the Ada 95 standard. The ACAA insures that this testing is done consistently and in accordance with the Ada standard. For more information on Ada conformity testing, visit the Ada Information Clearinghouse.

ACAA Information

Information resources about the ACAA and its operation. Articles, FAQs, and detailed procedures can be found here.

Ada Conforming Processors List (CPL)

Search a list of certified (validated) Ada compilers by vendor, compiler name, host, or target.

Contacting the ACAA

Contact the ACAA to get specific questions answered about this site or about the ACAA.

Ada Conformity Assessment Test Suite (ACATS)

The Ada Conformity Assessment Test Suite (ACATS) is the test suite used for Ada processor conformity testing. This site includes the official versions of the test files. Download the most recent version of the test suite, or browse the master version control system for the ACATS. You can retrieve any version of an individual test file (starting with version 2.1).

Submitted ACATS-Style Tests

This section includes tests submitted by Ada users and implementers for possible inclusion in the Ada Conformity Assessment Test Suite (ACATS). These tests are not part of the ACATS, but are provided as a service to the community.

Search the ACAA web site

Search the ACAA web site to find specific information.

Ada Rapporteur Group

The ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG9 Ada Rapporteur Group (ARG) handles comments on the Ada standard (and related standards, such as ASIS) from the general public. These comments usually concern possible errors in the standard. The ARG is tasked with resolving the errors. To do so, it creates Ada Issues.

Ada Issues

The full text of all Ada Issues is available here. Keep in mind that some issues are still under consideration, and may change significantly before final approval.

Ada Reference Manual

This area is the home of the Ada Reference Manual (the Ada standard document). It includes the Ada Reference Manual (ARM) in a variety of formats, the original source files for the ARM, the tools used to create the ARM, and more.

ARG Minutes

The minutes of ARG meetings are stored here.

ARG Grab Bag

Items that don't belong to the other pages are available on this page.

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